A third key piece in achieving our goal is having housing stock that meets the needs of both current and future residents. The WDC- partnering with the city of Wilton, is working with Rural Housing 360 to serve the unmet housing needs of our community.  Rural Housing 360 is a program designed to offer sustainable workforce housing solutions for our employees and employers. WDC provides the lot, the city waives the fees, we utilize local subcontractors, and financial partners to provide $0 Down/$0 Closing on home loans for high performance housing.   Visit www.ruralhousing360.com for more information.

2020 Opportunities

In 2019, WDC bought a lot and we are building a turnkey model home which should be ready to show and to sell in Spring of 2020.  After the first home is sold, WDC will purchase another lot and continue the process.