Wilton Chamber of Commerce

The Wilton Chamber of Commerce's objects and purposes are to promote, advance and foster the retail, industrial and civic development of the City of Wilton, Iowa and the surrounding area. 

The Chamber is open to any reputable person, firm, association or corporation engaged in business in the City of Wilton or its surrounding territory.  Members of the Board of Directors are elected each year from the membership.

We are committed to the principal that its members should plan, define, and establish the policies and activities to be pursued by the organization.  This is done through an active committee structure which prepares and submits proposals to the Board of Directors for action and approval.  The Chamber staff is the means by which the decisions of the committees and Board of Directors are coordinated into action.   

The Wilton Chamber of Commerce strives to make Wilton a better place in which to live and do business!


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