Wilton Community Center Policies & Procedures


The rental fee is due and payable before decorating event. Cash, Check or Money Order, made payable to the Wilton Community Center, are acceptable forms of payment. Checks returned from the bank for insufficient funds or failure to remit the rental fee may result in termination of your rental privileges. A full refund of the rental fee shall be returned to the renter if more than two weeks' notice is given of rental cancellation.


The rental/damage deposit is due and payable at the time of reservation. The deposit will be held until two-three days after the event to allow time to assess any damages that may have occurred. At that time, the deposit check can be shredded or returned to the client.


All Community Center dates and times for meetings or events will be set up with the Director. The renter(s) will work with the Community Center Director to establish times for opening the day of the event. Please provide the Director all times necessary for the DJ, cake, caterer, hosts, flowers, etc. The facility will close at midnight. Clients are asked to be cleaned up and out of the building by 1:00 a.m. No keys will be provided to the community building.


Renter agrees to use the Community Center only for lawful and non‐disturbing activities. If the City of Wilton deems any activity to be disturbing or unlawful, the City reserves the right to terminate this Rental Agreement and have Renter removed from the premises. Renter shall not use the Community Center for any dangerous activities, or conduct any dangerous activities on the premises.


Chairs & Tables - Chairs and tables are to remain inside the Building at all times.
Paper/Cleaning Supplies - Paper towels, toilet paper, dish detergent, liquid bathroom soap, mops, brooms, vacuums and garbage bags are supplied by the City of Wilton. These items are the property of the City of Wilton and are not to be removed from the premises other than for ordinary use.
Kitchen Equipment - Renters may use all items in the kitchen; please clean and return all items used to original location. Walk-in cooler is not available for client usage.
Heat and Hot Water - Renters are not to touch any temperature settings in the Community Center.
Computer Equipment - Any computer equipment or cables need to be returned to the Director at the end of the event.


unless approved by the Director. This includes all tapes and nails.


All tables and chairs need to be wiped down before leaving event. All trash cans need to be taken to the north kitchen door at the end of the event. Any dishes or utensils used must be washed. CLEAN-UP will be completed by 1:00 A.M.


The Community Center shall conduct a final inspection upon completion of your rental day(s). It will be the renter’s responsibility to replace or repair any damaged or missing items (or pay the cost of replacement or repair) immediately upon notification from the City of Wilton.


The Renter must notify the Director immediately of any accident or injury incurred at the Wilton Community Center during your rental use. Renter agrees to provide such information and complete any documents as may reasonably be requested by the City of Wilton regarding any accident or injury.


The Renter understands that reservation of rental day(s) does not guarantee availability of the Community Center. Occurrences beyond the control of the City of Wilton, such as fire, flood, etc., may happen to render the Community Center unavailable. If the Community Center is unavailable on the reserved rental day for any reason, the City of Wilton will return any rental fee paid by the renter. Except for return of the rental fee, the renter agrees to hold harmless and fully indemnify the City of Wilton from and against any and all damages, claims, demands, judgments, expenses (including but not limited to reasonable attorneys fees) and injuries arising from or in any way related to renter’s reservation and/or use of the Community Center.

This Rental Agreement is not assignable by the renter. If the renter is an organization other than a natural person, the undersigned acknowledges that he/she is authorized to sign this Rental Agreement on behalf of the renter. I have read the above Rental Agreement and understand my responsibilities as a renter.


As a condition precedent to the issuance of a permit for the use of the facility at the Wilton Community Center, I, the undersigned, knowingly and voluntarily assume the responsibility to abide by any and all county, state, and federal laws, city ordinances, and rules and regulations governing the use of the rooms on this request. It is further understood that the City of Wilton, Iowa, its officials, officers, and employees, are not responsible for accidents, injuries, illness, disaster, or loss to group or individuals property relating to the use of the Wilton Community Center. Furthermore, I agree to pay any rental fees, cleaning/damage deposit, and setup fees as setup with the Director; and agree to comply with the rules and regulations as stated in the rental policy. The following list is a statement of liability of rules and regulations agreed upon between the City of Wilton and the applicant.

  • Application will serve as reservation and must be made with the Director.
  • NO OUTSIDE BEER, ALCOHOL, OR WINE ON PREMISES at any time (this includes parking lot and facility). The local police department will patrol the area; violators will be prosecuted.
  • Alcohol from the Center is not allowed to leave the Banquet room (or the building).
  • Pop must be purchased from the Community Center for all events.
  • You must call Director for access to the Community Center; DO NOT ask Librarians for assistance.
  • The damage deposit must be paid at the time reservations are made.
  • All fees (rental, bar fee, keg(s), etc.) must be paid before decorating event. Bar tabs must be paid before leaving event.
  • Client may use refrigerator/freezer. The walk-in cooler is unavailable for client usage.
  • City and County emergency events are a priority and any rental agreement may be cancelled and refunded or rescheduled at the discretion of City staff.
  • In the event of severe weather, the facility may be used as a community shelter. The applicant will be issued a refund of all fees if this occurs.
  • The City reserves the right to cancel any event in which untrue information was given and/or if the event is found detrimental to the health, safety, and/or welfare of the citizens or integrity of the facilities. No refunds will be issued.
  • Only the applicant may make changes to the rental agreement.
  • No adhering decorations on walls or ceilings unless approved by the Director. NO nails are to be used at any time.
  • Candles will be permitted if they are contained.
  • Balloons are discouraged. (If they rise to the ceiling, this can cause fire alarms to go off).
  • All trash, debris, decorations, etc., shall be removed at the conclusion of the room rental. All spills must be cleaned up; and tables and chairs wiped off. Any dishes used must be washed. Trash cans need to be taken to the north kitchen door (inside) at the end of the event, or bags taken to the dumpster. Center staff will vacuum, remove tables and chairs, and normal floor cleaning only. If, after an event, additional custodial maintenance is required (other than the normal cleaning process) the applicant may be charged accordingly.
  • The Director will keep the damage deposit until a proper inspection is done.
  • Tobacco products and illegal substances are not permitted inside of the building.
  • No pets are permitted in the facility, with the exception of seeing-eye animals.
  • Any items or materials left in the Center’s cooler, refrigerator, freezer, or shelves will be discarded after the event.
  • Applicants named on facility request form shall be responsible for their guests and compliant with the rules and regulations.
  • All cancellations must be made by the original applicant in writing. Any cancellation less than one week prior to the contracted function will result in forfeiture of all fees.
  • Additional charges may be assessed if damage or cleaning requirements exceed the deposit.