Wellness Center

Another essential factor in a strong economic base is the importance of health and wellness initiatives to ensure a quality of life for our area. WDC, partnering with the City of Wilton, the Scott County YMCA, and many businesses/organizations are finalizing a plan for a Wilton YMCA Wellness/Recreation Center. 

2020 Opportunities

Plans will soon be finalized for Wilton’s YMCA. Local fundraising and pursuing grants is our next step in this overarching healthy lifestyle goal. We are also working with Iowa’s Healthy Hometown Initiative to assist us in our journey of health and well-being for  area citizens.

WDC works with all local, state, and federal officials, foundations and organizations to identify funding sources and grant writing that support these initiatives. We continue to work with many business and industry prospects in the fervent hope they will decide to make their home in our area. As a WDC member your dues donation is critical to the successful development of our area’s economic health, revitalization and bright future.   I’ve enclosed a 2020 dues invoice and we hope you will continue your investment in the Wilton Development Corporation.   
We thank you for your time, business and support!