Chamber Committees


Joe Burnett, Ch. Dick Grunder Mark Knouse
Linda Duncan Ken Crawford Chris Ball


1. Work with school officials to enhance the educational opportunities and facilities
2. Honor Society recognition
3. Teacher Welcome program
4. Job information service
5. Business development workshops
6. Encourage and develop more business participation in student career development 

Founders Day

Lisa Kublik Bruce Rabedeaux, Co-Chair Dan Marine
Mike Wadkins Dallas Skiles Nick Rushek
Matt Harris Mark Knouse Jane Kreimeyer
Eva Belitz, Co-Chair Linda Duncan Sue Bradley
 Chris Ball  Tim Leathers  Paul Marquez
Kent Denison  


Mike Shuger, Ch Keith Stanley Dick Grunder
Chris Ball Dennis Hanser  


1. Host Government Officials at a regular meeting
2. Inform membership on important national, state, and local issues affecting the Community
3. Develop and recommend position statements when appropriate
4. Co-Sponsor legislative meetings

Membership/Dues Budget

Sherri Campbell, Ch. Grant Lilienthal Eric Vela
Bruce Rabedeaux Lisa Kublik Kent Denison
1. Develop and recommend a prospective budget for next year.
2. See that all members are properly informed of activities of the Chamber.
3. Promote new memberships in the organization and follow-up on them. 
4. Set dues and see they are collected on schedule.

Public Relations

Bruce Rabedeaux Matt Harris Dennis Anderson Sherri MacGowan
  Grant Lilienthal Ritchie Creamer Eric Vela, Ch. Dwight Watkins
Mike Wadkins Nancy Dunston Lisa Kublik Katy Jepsen


Act as AMBASSADORS of the Chamber. 
2. Newsletter-First Dollar Certificates.
3. Annual Meeting


Retail Trade

Sue Boorn, Ch. Theresa Blackledge  
Dwight Watkins Lori Brown  
Lisa Kublik    


1. Establish retail business hours, central business district parking and clean-up
2. Encourage continued business district renovation
3. Retail promotions and advertising
4. Strive to broaden retail and trade areas and a favorable retail climate
5. Plan Christmas Promotion
6. Spring and Fall Garage Sales


Kent Denison, CH. Lois Kiser Mark Knouse
Wanda Hartley Lori Brown Barry Langley
1. Plan promotion

Social Services

Sherri Campbell, Ch. Jerry Denning  
Bruce Rabedeaux Mark Knouse



Eric Vela

1. United Way administration and budget
2. Organize yearly United Way Drive
3. Information on City and County resources for older adults.


Mike Severson, Ch. Dick Grunder Marci Severson
Lois Kiser Mike Dunlap  Brad Jipp


1. Plan a fun day.