WILTON CITY COUNCIL AGENDA MONDAY JANUARY 13 7:00 PM COMMUNITY ROOM <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< AGENDA: A) CALL TO ORDER & ROLL CALL Pledge of Allegiance B) APPROVE AND/OR AMEND AGENDA C) APPROVE CONSENT AGENDA 1. Minutes 12-9-19 & 12-23-19 2. Yearly Resolutions 3. Dollar General Beer Permit Renewal 4. Pool Allocation 5. Committees 6. Transfers 7. Precision Builders Pay App #3 D) CITIZEN APPEARANCE: E) CONSULTANTS: 1. WDC – Becky Allgood F) LEGAL ITEMS: G) MAYOR ITEMS: 1. Appointment Resolutions A. Mayor Pro Tem B. Police Chief 2. Board Appointments H) CORRESPONDENCE: I) COUNCIL ITEMS: 1. Muscatine County Jail 2. Pay Increase (Police & Deputy Clerk) J) ADMINISTRATIVE ITEMS K) ADJOURNMENT