Community Room Information


  1. The City Council has priority over all groups for the use of the room & reserves the right to cancel any reservation of the room by giving 48 hour notice. Cost to rent the Community Room is $50 and a $75 deposit is also required.  If you wish to rent the room the day before, there is a $25 charge. 
  2. The following are prohibited: smoking, drinking or serving of liquor and or beer of any kind.
  3. No equipment shall be loaned, rented or otherwise removed from the room or kitchen.
  4. There will be no storage of personal property in either the kitchen or the meeting room.
  5. Occupancy limit of the Community Room is set for 75 people and the room must be vacated by 10:30PM.
  6. Cooking of any kind is prohibited in the main room.
  7. Room & kitchen must be left as clean as when the room was rented. Tables & chairs should be put back as they were at the time the room was rented.
  8. Waste must be disposed of by removal or placing in the dumpster outside and the carpet should be vacuumed.
  9. Air conditioner/heat control should not be changed.
  10. Ceiling fans and all other appliances should be turned off and the doors should be locked when vacating the room.
  11. If these rules are not complied with, the City will clean as necessary and bill the responsible party.
  12. The City Clerk shall have the right & authority to reject any and all applicants for the renting of the Community Room and shall refuse further renting by any group or organization which violates any of the above rules.

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