1-25-2021 Meeting Minutes

            Regular Meeting

                                                                        January 25, 2021


            The Council for the City of Wilton, Iowa met in regular session in the Council Chambers at City Hall on Monday, January 25, 2021.  Mayor Robert Barrett called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM and then led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Council Members present at this meeting: Wayne Budding, Keith Stanley, Sheryl Lenker, Ted Marolf and Steve Owens, Absent: none      .

 The agenda was presented for approval.  It was moved by Member Stanley seconded by Member Lenker that the agenda be approved as presented.  The roll was called and the vote recorded as follows:


            Ayes: Owens, Budding, Stanley, Marolf and Lenker

            Nays: None                               Motion Carried

The consent agenda was presented for approval. Items included were: Minutes from 01-11-2021 meeting, Yearly Resolutions for Appointments, Fuel Adjustment Transfer Resolution, and Oakdale Cemetery Allocation ($10,000). It was moved by Member Budding seconded by Member Budding that the consent agenda be approved as presented.  The roll was called and the vote recorded as follows:

            Ayes: Owens, Budding, Stanley, Lenker and Marolf

            Nays: None                               Motion Carried



Wilton Development Director Becky Allgood reported that they are continuing to look for buyers for the lots by the Convenient Center.  She hopes to have the whole block filled up with new homes. The WDC is still looking to purchase more land for industrial development.




            Mayor Barrett read the thank-you letter from Wilton Post Prom Committee for the donation.



            Mayor Barrett reported that he attended the Wilton Fire Department meeting with Chris Ball. The department has a new pumper truck on order.  He was impressed with the meeting and the overall processes they have in place for the department.  The fire department has started collecting fees for call reimbursement. 

            He also asked for an update on the issues brought up last meeting from Jack Kress and John Snider.  Jack will be called on the zoning of his property.  A committee will be formed to address the issue about water leaks.  Ball and Horne will look into what other towns have for a policy regarding leaks and sewer forgiveness fees.

            Mayor Barrett wanted to report that the City Crews have done a great job with snow removal and cleaning up the streets.  The new ordinance is in place and the Police department is requesting cars be moved off of the streets to aide in snow removal.



            Member Owens wanted to know if the City would be interested in looking into a text service to notify citizens for any kind of emergency.  It could be for snow emergencies, water boil or water main leaks. Horne said that they have done this in Lisbon and he will get some numbers for the council to determine if that is something we would be interested in implementing. 



            The financial Statements were accepted and placed on file. It was moved by Member Lenker seconded by Member Stanley that the total disbursements of $216,838.20 approved by the Finance Committee, be allowed and instruct the City Clerk to pay the same. The roll was called and the vote recorded as follows:


            Ayes: Owens, Budding, Stanley, Lenker and Marolf

            Nays: None                               Motion Carried.











 WHEREAS, all full time employees that were unable to take vacations due to the pandemic, staff changes and staff shortages; AND

WHEREAS, the pay received will be subject to taxes and IPERS deductions and paid at the regular rate and not as overtime pay at time and a half;

IT IS THEREFORE AGREED, by the Mayor and City Council that said resolution be put into place for this temporary period and will not be extended  beyond this date unless at some other time in which the Mayor and Council would decide to do so.

AFTER DUE CONSIDERATION, it was moved by Member Budding seconded by Member Owens that the resolution be adopted. The roll was called and the vote recorded as follows:


            Ayes: Owens, Budding, Stanley, Lenker and Marolf

                        Nays: None                                           Motion Carried


The Mayor then declared said Resolution 01252021 adopted.


            City Administrator Ball introduced documents for the new budget fiscal year 21/22.  Horne put together a spread sheet for the General Fund. Ball reported that most of the departments are in pretty good shape, with just the garbage fund needing extra attention. Fire Chief Ray Sterner visited with them and presented the needs and wants of the Fire department.  They will continue to work on it and have it ready to set a notice of a public hearing which will take place February 8th, with the hearing set for February 22, 2021.






                                                            Mayor Robert L Barrett




City Clerk Kathryn Koele