Council Meeting minutes 7-11-2022

Regular Meeting

                                                                                                July 11, 2022


                The Council for the City of Wilton, Iowa met in regular session in the Council Chambers at City Hall on Monday July 11, 2022 Mayor Keith Stanley called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM and then led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Council Members present:  Bill Voss, Ted Marolf and Sheryl Lenker


                 The agenda was presented for approval.  It was moved by Member Lenker seconded by Member Marolf that the agenda be approved as presented. The vote recorded as follows: Ayes: All   Nays: None   Motion Carried


                The consent agenda was presented for approval. Items included were: Minutes from 6/27/2022 meeting, Wilton Chamber Liquor License, Pimentel and Frommelt Contract, and Resolution Approving Fiscal Year 2023 Transfers.  It was moved by Member Marolf seconded by Member Lenker that the consent agenda be approved as presented. The vote recorded as follows: Ayes: All   Nays: None   Motion Carried




                Rick Hannes was present after requesting a hearing on the citation he received for having 6 dogs which exceeds the number allowable by a household according to Wilton’s municipal code.  He admits to knowing he has two dogs over the limit but went on to explain that one is a service dog and two others are service dogs in training.  He asked for an extension to give him time to abate the violation.  After some discussion, Member Voss made motion, seconded by Member Marolf that an extension date of October 2022 should be granted to Rick Hannes at which time he will be able to comply to the municipal code.  The vote recorded as follows: Ayes: All   Nays: None   Motion Carried




                Wilton Development Director Becky Allgood reported that Freedom Rock Celebration is being planned.  They are working hard and hopefully will make it another great event for the Freedom Rock Celebration.


                Jeff Horne reported that the contractor for the Ash tree removal have started.  Homeowners are still calling in with trees they are interested in having removed.  The City will work with them if they are interested in making payments for the removal. 

                The Well and Cherrydale Park restroom projects are beginning. We are relocating the new restroom building a little to the North since it would have come very close to the fence for one of the diamonds. We are going to gut and leave the old building for storage since there is a need and it would cost less than a demolition.

                City Administrator Horne met with the Rec Center Committee to work on design options. We will like to make it as affordable as possible, but leave room for future additions and expansion.

                Jeff Horne is looking to make some changes to the City of Wilton Personal Handbook policy and will present it at the next meeting.




                Jeff Horne presented the Council with a bid from Wilton Telephone Company for new City Hall phones.  We have had these phones since the 90’s and really need a new system. The last time the City received a bid for this the cost came back in the $6,000.00 range.  The City declined the bid at that time.  The bid for the replacement phone system which will be VOIP came in at $2644.28, which is less than half of the original bid.  After some discussion, Member Marolf made motion, seconded by Member Voss that the bid from WTC be accepted as written. The vote recorded as follows: Ayes: All   Nays: None   Motion Carried




                Mayor Keith Stanley read the thank you note received from the Muscatine County Fair Board.  The note from the Fair Board expressed their appreciation for the donation and said it will help with the full summer of events they have planned for this year.  


At this time Mayor Keith Stanley declared the Chantz Joseph Stevens Proclamation:


Chantz Joseph Stevens Day


WHEREAS    Chantz Joseph Stevens was taken from us on July 19,2020;                                        

WHEREAS   Chantz graduated May 2019 from Wilton High School;

WHEREAS   His parents, Andy & Tiffany and Ryleigh, his sister, live in Wilton and his family & friends have formed a memorial scholarship;

WHEREAS    I, Keith Stanley, Mayor of Wilton, Iowa do hereby proclaim the 19th day of July, 2022 as Chantz Stevens Day in the City of Wilton;                                               

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and cause to be affixed the official seal of Wilton, Iowa this 11d day of July, 2022.     




                Member Marolf reminded everyone that raffle tickets are now available for the Annual Freedom Rock Smorgasbord. The grand prize will be a custom painted golf cart.  The price for the meal will be still be .25 cents and offer hotdogs or brats.  River City Six band will be playing. They are anticipating having a good turnout and look forward to the event.  This event takes place September 25th, 2022.


                Police Chief Dave Clark gave an update on the new ATV/UTV laws.  We know that our ordinance will need to be changed or modified to accommodate the new rules.  Dave and City Administrator Horne will look into the changes other cities are making and report back to the council.




The Financial Statements were accepted and placed on file.  It was moved by Member Budding seconded by Member Owens that the total disbursements of $210,652.26 approved by the Finance Committee, be allowed and instruct the City Clerk to pay the same.  The vote recorded as follows: Ayes: All   Nays: None   Motion Carried 


No further business, this meeting was adjourned. 



                                                                                                                Mayor Keith Stanley



City Clerk Kathryn Koele