Regular Meeting February 11, 2019 The Council for the City of Wilton, Iowa met in regular session in the Council Chambers at City Hall on Monday February 11, 2019. Mayor Robert Barrett called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM and then led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. Council Members present at this meeting: Steve Owens, Wayne Budding (present at 7:15PM), Keith Stanley, Sheryl Lenker and Ted Marolf. Absent: none. The agenda was presented for approval. It was moved by Member Lenker seconded by Member Owens that the agenda be approved as presented. The roll was called and the vote recorded as follows: Ayes: Owens, Stanley, Lenker and Marolf Nays: None Motion Carried The consent agenda was presented for approval. Items included in this consent agenda were: minutes from 1-28-19, Cornerstone Pay App #16 and Wilton Express Wine permit. It was moved by Member Stanley seconded by Member Lenker that the consent agenda be approved as presented. The roll was called and the vote recorded as follows: Ayes: Owens, Stanley, Lenker and Marolf Nays: None Motion Carried CONSULTANTS: Wilton Development Director Becky Allgood reported that she is working on the HRDP grant. Per the state requirements she needs to have support from the City of Wilton for the intended rehabilitation of the City Hall building. Therefore at this time a Resolution entitled “Resolution to Support Cyclical Maintenance of Wilton’s Historic City Hall” was presented to the members for consideration. After due consideration, it was moved by Member Owens seconded by Member Marolf that the same be adopted. The roll was called and the vote recorded as follows: Ayes: Owens, Stanley, Lenker and Marolf Nays: None Motion Carried Thereupon the Mayor declared Resolution No. 02110219 duly adopted. Becky thanked the Mayor and Members for their support on this endeavor. Chris gave the members a copy of the city hall building assessment report which was prepared by Klingner and Associates. The report included architectural observations, recommendations and probable costs for each section. Chris said that if the grant was received for the rehabilitation of City Hall, we would need to start with the mechanical systems and then move to the exterior of the building. Member Marolf asked Chris to check to see if the west side of the building could be done in brick. Since that part of the building is done is wood siding, he thought the brick would better match the rest of the structure. Upcoming meetings that Becky will be involved in are: hotel feasibility study on Friday, Rec Center meeting next week and housing concept at the end of March. She has a few business inquiries in the past weeks. She sends them the information about our City and follows up on any leads. MAYOR ITEMS: Mayor Barrett and Chris will be involved in a phone call conference with McClure Engineering in regard to the paving of Division Street. Mayor Barrett asked if there was any news on the annexation of Division Street. Chris reported that the City Attorney is compiling information and will be sending out paperwork that requires right of way property owners signatures for this project. Cornerstone was working in Wilton last week, but due to the nasty weather we have been seeing, their work has been delayed. They are still planning to have the project completed by April 1st. CORRESPONDENCE: A thank you was read from the Oakdale Cemetery Association. They are appreciative of the continued support of the City of Wilton for the upkeep of Oakdale. (Member Budding was present at this time) COUNCIL ITEMS: A professional services agreement from HR Green was presented for approval. The City has secured an SRF sponsored project funding for design and construction of projects that improve water quality in local surface water bodies. Several potential projects have been identified and a completed feasibility study was done to evaluate the recommended projects and associated costs for final design and construction. The projects recommended were: Ayres Progress Drive storm water wetland with 50 year design and HyLine waterway improvement. Funding sources anticipated are: SRF program, Tipton HRCS and possible excess costs coverage from the City. On a time and material basis this agreement has total fees not to exceed $91,800. After further discussion, it was moved by Member Stanley seconded by Member Lenker that the HR Green agreement be approved. The roll was called and the vote recorded as follows: Ayes: Owens, Budding, Stanley, Lenker and Marolf Nays: None Motion Carried Member Stanley asked Chris is he was aware of the leak at the Community Center/Library. Chris said that he and the public works director checked into this leak and determined that a contractor should be contacted to fix this ongoing problem. They believe the water is coming from a leak in the eaves around the window. The leak area and drywall will need to be corrected. Member Budding requested that Chris check on the status of a fire hydrant at the corner of Maurer & Summit. He stated that it looks as if it is tagged to not be in working order. Member Owens said that the City employees are doing a good job with snow removal during the recent inclement weather. He did want to remind the plow drivers to make sure they had all of their safety lights working in proper order. In the past Wilton took precautions and used a brine tank to put down chemicals on the streets to help with snow removal. Member Budding asked if this has been used this winter. Chris said that the brine tank became rusted out and was quite expensive to replace. The employees thought it worked quite well and they still are looking at a more affordable way to replace that tank. ADMINISTRATIVE ITEMS: Due to being hit by numerous snow storms, we have used a lot of our salt supply; as of this date we have used approximately 200 ton. All of the streets within the city have been salted/sanded during this winter. If the unpleasant weather continues and the salt supply is dwindling, we may have to cut back to only salting major streets. Out public works department has done a survey of other cities nearby and they are all in the same predicament with the supply; cutting back on use and side streets. If it does get to a serious low, we will have to check with the State to see if more can be obtained. At this time, the employees are being conscience of the snow and ice removal. During this winter and the rough weather pattern, there has been more overtime put in than in the past few winters. The public works director has done a good job of scheduling snow removal during working hours to help alleviate the budget with snow removal. The public works employees appreciate this scheduling as to not have to come in during the off hours and then do the regular scheduled jobs during the work day. Another big help during snow removal is for the residents to have their cars off of the streets. This makes the whole snow removal process go much smoother all over the city. The new F550 was experiencing some problems with axle. The truck had to be towed to Krieger’s in Muscatine. That was over two weeks ago and we are not very happy that the truck has not been repaired and delivered back to the City. When they called to check on the truck; they were told that the replacement part had not been shipped from Detroit. Chris will be calling them tomorrow to relay the City is disappointed in the timeline of this repair. He also said since the truck is brand new, the service and parts should be covered under warranty. The truck is being missed as part of the fleet, especially during this winter and snow removal. No further business, the Mayor adjourned this meeting. __________________________ Mayor Robert L Barrett Attest: ________________________ City Clerk Lori A Brown