Regular Meeting June 24, 2019 The Council for the City of Wilton, Iowa met in regular session in the Council Chambers at City Hall on Monday June 24, 2019. Mayor Robert Barrett called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM and then led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. Council Members present at this meeting: Wayne Budding, Keith Stanley, Sheryl Lenker and Ted Marolf. Absent: Steve Owens. The agenda was presented for approval. It was moved by Member Lenker seconded by Member Budding that the agenda be approved as presented. The roll was called and the vote recorded as follows: Ayes: Budding, Stanley, Lenker and Marolf Nays: None Motion Carried The consent agenda was presented for approval. Items included in this consent agenda were: minutes from 6-10-19. Cornerstone Pay App #18 ($25,939.47), Athletic Booster Membership, Craft Show Request, Cigarette/Game Room/Dance Hall permits, Sidewalk reimbursement and Local Option Transfer. It was moved by Member Stanley seconded by Member Lenker that the consent agenda be approved as presented. The roll was called and the vote recorded as follows: Ayes: Budding, Stanley, Lenker and Marolf Nays: None Motion Carried CITIZEN APPEARANCE: Brian Froehlich representing Fro’s of 309 Cedar Street requested permission from the City to block off a portion of 3rd Street near his business. Brian said that he is having a 4th of July celebration in partnership with Mike Schmidt (who lives at 306 W 4th). He is asking to have the street blocked off from 8PM-11PM, during that time Schmidt will be setting off fireworks in his yard. With the street blocked off, Brian said those in attendance will be able to sit outside and watch the firework display. Since he has an outdoor liquor license, persons will be able to have beverages outside in the blocked area. Discussion was held on liability, precedence, insurance and responsibility. The Council wanted to make it clear that the city would not be responsible for any liability with the fireworks if the street blockage is approved. It was requested that Brian bring the City a copy of his insurance, so it was clear that he has coverage for the outdoor event. It was them moved by Member Marolf seconded by Member Budding that the partial street closure be approved. The roll was called and the vote recorded as follows: Ayes: Budding, Stanley, and Marolf Nays: Lenker Motion Carried Representing the Wilton Chamber Founder’s Day Committee, Bruce Rabedeaux was at this meeting to request usage of the City streets for this even to be held on August 16-17 this year. Streets to be used include: Maurer Street from 5th to Railroad, Railroad Street from Cedar to Chestnut, Cedar Street from 4th to Railroad and W 4th Street from Cedar to Maurer. A map of the streets to be utilized was shared with the members. There are a few changes to the set up but the beer tent will remain on the basketball court and the stage will be at the south end of Maurer Street. He added that there is a committee working on a possible small talent show this year. The inflatables worked out well and they will be adding a few more of those this year. It was moved by Member Stanley seconded by Member Marolf that the Founder’s Day request be approved. The roll was called and the vote recorded as follows: Ayes: Budding, Stanley, Lenker and Marolf Nays: None Motion Carried Becky Allgood, Wilton Development Direct, gave an overview of the report that was received from the hotel study done by Hotel R&D Inc. The report stated that the performance of a new hotel in Wilton must be based on local (and nearby regional) market demand support. The preliminary conclusions and recommendations in this study determine that Wilton will support new lodging development with the following parameters and assumptions: Size: 30-40 rooms, Brand: National or strong regional brand and Class: Midscale to Upper Midscale. Becky felt the report was positive and asked if the Council would like to proceed with the next step of this study. Members were in agreement with the good news from the study and this request will be on the agenda for the next meeting. Becky reported on: the lot purchase and spec house on the property on Jackson Street. She said that Dorsey and Whitney will be putting together paperwork so the City can use TIF funds to help with the land purchase. The new craft shop (The Niche) will be hosting their open house this Saturday. This will also include the vendor show, which the City has approved to use the greenspace around City Hall. Becky said the shop has some local unique vendors and encouraged everyone to attend the show this weekend, MAYOR ITEMS: Mayor Barrett asked if there was anything new to report on the progress of Division Street. Chris reported that he is still waiting to hear back from Cedar County. He will check with them to see if they have made any progress on the information requested. The Rec Center committee is waiting to hear back from Scott County Y. They are checking on the plans and architect specs for this proposed building. Mayor Barrett mentioned an email that was sent to the Members and Police Department regarding dogs coming out of their yards toward persons walking along the street. Officer Johnson said that he made contact with the dogs in question and did not find any reason for concern. There are a few yards within the city that need to be mowed and Mayor Barrett asked if they have been notified. Chris said that a couple of notices were given to two yards today. Due to some of the heavy rains this season, Mayor Barrett asked if it would be possible to have the street sweeper go around and collect the debris that has ended up on the curbs. Chris said that the sweeper was going to be out this week. COUNCIL ITEMS: A Resolution entitled “A Resolution Setting the Salaries for Employees of the City of Wilton, Iowa” was presented to the Council for consideration. Evaluations were done for all full time city employees and Chris reported that he has been pleased with the performance of the employees this year. Mayor Barrett agreed with Chris and said he is grateful for the current employees; as they seem to get along and run things smoothly with the City. The average of the wage increases this year was 2.5%. After due consideration, it was moved by Member Marolf seconded by Member Lenker that the same be adopted. The roll was called and the vote recorded as follows: Ayes: Budding, Stanley, Lenker and Marolf Nays: None Motion Carried Thereupon the Mayor declared Resolution No. 06242019 adopted. Member Budding wanted to add that he appreciates the efforts given by the City employees. He saw the garbage truck out the other day and thought it was the new truck since it was so clean and kept up. He thanked the public works employees for keeping the equipment in well working order. Member Stanley said that the new pool director started June 1st and things seem to be running smoothly. A structural engineer reviewed some issues within the pool building pertaining to pieces falling off of one wall. They feel this is due to sweating inside the building and this problem has arisen since the new roof was installed last year. They will be giving an estimate for the repairs of this problem. If the Rec Center building progresses, there may be a chance that some of the issues could be resolved at the same time. Member Marolf mentioned that on July 1st the sticker will be placed on the Freedom Rock. The sticker will display the Freedom Rock logo as an advertisement to say it will be painted in 2020. There is a website and facebook page where people can view the information on the rock. A design has been approved for the homecoming plaza around the rock. Engraved pavers for veterans and active duty persons can now be purchased. Work on this area will start after Founder’s Day. The illuminated W sign on the west end of Wilton is not working. Member Marolf said that the south side is all red and will not display the message. He has called the sign company and will be scheduling an appointment for this issue. ADMINISTRATIVE ITEMS: The concrete has been poured for the cold storage area to house the vactor truck. The public works director felt that the building should have some type of insulation. Chris had a quote from TW Insulation for the spray foam to be put in this building, He just received this quote and it will be on the agenda for the next meeting, The new garbage truck chassis should be ready by the first week in August. It will then be a couple more weeks for the packer. By the first week of September we are planning to have the truck ready to be in service. Seeding of the new wastewater plant will begin tomorrow. At this time it is planned to have the new plant running by the end of the week. A tour will be set up for the Council once the startup is complete. Chris had a copy of a plaque that will be placed on the new plant. The plaque displayed the names of the Council Members, City employees, contractor and engineer. A member of the Wilton Fire Department attended an ultra high pressure course. He reported that he was not completely sold on this idea but options will be considered when upgrading their current grass truck. Chris also reported: public works employees have been spraying for weeds on City properties and the parks, the City Hall front door repair is being planned for August and the seal coating company is a bit behind and plan to be in Wilton within the next two weeks. The downtown façade program is coming to an end. A walk through is planned for tomorrow with the architect and contractor. There will be some punch list items that should be completed within two weeks. The fees that the City charges for building permits has not been updated since 1994. A preliminary list of increases was given to the members. Discussion was held on these proposed changes. An ordinance amendment will be on the agenda for the next meeting. BILLS: The Financial Statements were accepted and placed on file. It was moved by Member Budding seconded by Member Lenker that the total disbursements of $1,460,636.18, approved by the Finance Committee, be allowed and instruct the City Clerk to pay the same. The roll was called and the vote recorded as follows: Ayes: Budding, Stanley, Lenker and Marolf Nays: None Motion Carried No further business, this meeting was adjourned. ___________________________ Mayor Robert L Barrett Attest: ___________________________ City Clerk Lori A Brown