Minutes 4-25-2022

Regular Meeting

                                                                                                April 25, 2022


                The Council for the City of Wilton, Iowa met in regular session in the Council Chambers at City Hall on Monday April 25, 2022.  Mayor Keith Stanley called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM and then led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.  

Council Members present: Ted Marolf, Sheryl Lenker, Bill Voss, Steve Owens and Wayne Budding


 The agenda was presented for approval.  It was moved by Member Budding seconded by Member Owens that the agenda be approved as presented. The vote recorded as follows: Ayes: All   Nays: None   Motion Carried


The consent agenda was presented for approval. Items included were: Minutes from 04/11/2022.   It was moved by Member Marolf seconded by Member Voss that the consent agenda be approved as presented. The vote recorded as follows: Ayes: All   Nays: None   Motion Carried 




                Becky Allgood reported that she has received one application out of seven applications she mailed out for the Downtown Grant program.  The closing on the last house should be completed soon and there is one more lot available in that area. The Chamber contacted the WDC to ask if they would be interested in combining the WDC and the Chamber of Commerce.


                Jeff Horne stated that he is beginning to look at properties that quality for city nuisance violations. He already has a couple properties on the list to receive letters.


                 We have received some feedback on recycling. We appreciate the Advocate running the great article on recycling. Overall, we feel like this is a good solution for the recycling program.


                Jeff will be finalizing the list for the Ash Tree removal project.  We have approximately 139 Trees on the list, of which 102 are City owned trees.  He will work on preparing the RFP and taking bids for the project.




                City Administrator Horne would like to have input from the Council on how they would like to proceed with the park restroom remodel.  The estimates from the remodel have come back substantially higher than originally envisioned.  Jeff asked if the Council would like to have a project list completed and put the remodeling up for bids.  He was instructed to meet with the park board to get a better idea of what areas will be completed by volunteer work and what will be contracted out.  




Mayor Stanley reported getting complaints about garbage blowing around and the need for better containment. He was given a suggestion to not permit residents to put garbage out the night before curb side pickup.   It was decided that this was on not a feasible rule to enforce.  Mayor Stanley also reported getting some recycling complaints.  He explained that this was the best course of action to take at this time, and he hoped that people would take advantage of using the Convenience Center for recycling.




                Clarification was needed by the Council on the new recycling rules. The dumpster at the Convenience Center is set up for anyone wanting to continue to recycle.  The items that can be recycled was listed in the paper, and it is actually more than what we were taking at the curb.  




The Financial Statements were accepted and placed on file.  It was moved by Member Lenker seconded by Member Owens that the total disbursements of $151,895.69 approved by the Finance Committee, be allowed and instruct the City Clerk to pay the same.  The vote recorded as follows: Ayes: All   Nays: None   Motion Carried 



No further business, this meeting was adjourned. 




                                                                                                Mayor Keith Stanley



City Clerk Kathryn Koele