Regular Meeting June 25, 2018 The Council for the City of Wilton, Iowa met in regular session in the Council Chambers at City Hall on Monday June 25, 2018. Mayor Robert Barrett called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM and then led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. Council Members present at this meeting: Wayne Budding, Keith Stanley, Sheryl Lenker and Ted Marolf. Absent: Steve Owens The consent agenda was presented for this meeting. Items included in this agenda were: Minutes 6-11-18. Cigarette-Game Room & Dance Hall renewals, Cedar County Resolution (06252018A), Athletic Booster Membership, 4th of July donation and Wilton Express Beer permit. It was moved by Member Lenker seconded by Member Budding that this consent agenda be approved. The roll was called and the vote recorded as follows: Ayes: Budding, Stanley, Lenker and Marolf Nays: None Motion Carried CONSULTANTS: Wilton Development Director Becky Allgood reported to the group that there was a large prospect that inquired about coming to Wilton. The business needed more acres than we had available and would have required an extensive water supply. Becky has been working with the new owners of the old REC building and a potential buyer of the Eller building. The City hopes that both of these owners will be successful. MAYOR ITEMS: At this time Mayor Barrett said that we had a special recognition for honoring an ambassador for the City of Wilton. Member Lenker introduced Daryl Clark who is from Burwood East in Australia. Clark has come to visit Wilton 27 times since 1988. Lenker met Mr. Clark a few years ago and became friends with him during his visits to Wilton. He has made some other longtime friendships during his visits here and does other touring while here. Mayor and Council thanked Daryl for his appreciation of Wilton. There was a train derailment in northwest Iowa which created a large oil spill in the nearby river and nearby floodwaters. Mayor Barrett wanted to make sure that Wilton has a plan in place in case there is a disaster in our city. Chris said there is a hazardous plan in place but he will check to make sure it is up to date. Mayor Barrett asked that Chris have the public works department check out the lift and pump station on Highway 38. The weeds have grown quite tall and asked that they be trimmed. The city received a notice from the Iowa DOT regarding the list of potential closing of certain rest areas. The two rest area (with no services) were on this list to be closed within the next five years. Mayor Barrett feels the City should write a letter to the party involved in this notice and let them know the importance of current rest areas at the Wilton interchange, especially since we have recently ran water and sewer to those facilities. July 4th is nearing and the Mayor wanted to remind citizens of the times the City permits displaying of fireworks. He also encouraged all who will be participating in displaying them to be good neighbors, such as cleaning up the debris and keeping the exhibit in their own yard. Since it is summer, there are a lot more golf carts on the streets. Mayor Barrett asked that the police department check to make sure the users are following all of the rules. He feels there are some out there that do not have the required equipment and letting young drivers operate the machine. Chris said that all ordinances are posted on the City of Wilton website if anyone wants to make sure they are following the criteria. Mayor Barrett reminded everyone that Ragbrai will be coming through Wilton on Saturday July 28th. The committees have been doing an appreciative job of putting things together for this event. If anyone would still like to volunteer they should call City Hall. Division Street paving is still an interest to our City and the Mayor asked if there was any update on this project. Chris said he was in contact with the City Attorney and they are working on paperwork for annexing. This will not be an easy or short process and all steps leading up to this potential endeavor will need to be finished. COUNCIL ITEMS: The garbage totes that Wilton has been using for the last couple of years have been a good addition. We have not ordered any since 2014 and we are in need of replacing some. A quote for 100 totes in the amount of $5300 (which includes shipping) from Otto Environment was presented. It was moved by Member Stanley seconded by Member Lenker that this purchase be approved. The roll was called and the vote recorded as follows: Ayes: Budding, Stanley, Lenker and Marolf Nays: None Motion Carried Klingner & Associates has approved pay app #9 to Cornerstone for the downtown revitalization project. According to the observation report submitted the amount due is $83,783.28. Becky added that the progress is going well and urged all to view the difference it is making in the buildings included in this rehabilitation project for Wilton. It was then moved by Member Budding seconded by Member Lenker that the pay app be approved. The roll was called and the vote recorded as follows: Ayes: Budding, Stanley, Lenker and Marolf Nays: None Motion Carried Pay app #1 was presented for WRH for the wastewater treatment plant construction. HR Green has reviewed the application and recommends it be approved for payment. Chris said that the progress was slowed a bit this week by the weather conditions but WRH will be back on track soon. Wastewater Superintendent Kreimeyer has been doing a good job keeping notes and taking pictures of this venture. Completion date is scheduled for late next summer. It was then moved by Member Lenker seconded by Member Marolf that this pay app be approved for payment. The roll was called and the vote recorded as follows: Ayes: Budding, Stanley, Lenker and Marolf Nays: None Motion Carried A Resolution entitled “A Resolution Setting the Salaries for Employees of the City of Wilton, Iowa’ was presented for consideration. Chris said that all employees had an evaluation and they were reviewed by the Members. Mayor Barrett added that the City has a good group of employees at this time; they all work together and feel the city is being managed well. Members were in agreement and pleased with the conduct of the city and employees. After due consideration of said Resolution, it was moved by Member Stanley seconded by Member Lenker that the same be adopted. The question being upon the adoption of Resolution No. 06252018, the roll was called and the vote recorded as follow: Ayes: Budding, Stanley, Lenker and Marolf Nays: None Motion Carried Thereupon the Mayor declared said Resolution No. 06252018 adopted. Member Budding asked if Wilton has had notification of any lawsuits from the DNR regarding wastewater plants. Chris said he has not seen anything of this fashion and felt confident that HR Green or the Iowa League of Cities would notify cities of any lawsuits. Member Budding said he has noticed an increase of the traffic speeding on 5th Street. There was also discussion regarding speeding traffic going south on Highway 38 after the bridge. This initiated talk about vehicles putting on turn signals at 3rd (coming from the south) then they are planning to turn onto 5th Street. Members asked that the Police Department patrol these areas a bit more for speeding traffic and asked that drivers be aware of signaling vehicles on the highway. There was a water main break on 1st street this month and Member Budding said that he saw the hole patched by the end of the week. Chris said the hole was quite dry and the City crews dug it out, packed in man sand and used cold patch on the top. The spot looks like it is holding up well so far. Member Marolf wanted to make sure everyone knew of the changes being put into motion for this year’s Founder’s Day celebration. Some of the new happenings are: kids pedal tractor pull, duck races, pony rides, nine inflatables and a variety of bands. ADMINISTRATIVE ITEMS: Public works was hoping that the new backhoe would possibly be delivered this week. The seal coating company has plans to be in Wilton the second week of July, weather permitting. The progress of the new 4th Street was pushed back a bit by the rainy weather this week. The City garbage truck was serviced last week by Trucks Unlimited in Muscatine. The Public Works Director gave kudos to them for the quick service on getting the truck back to Wilton. It puts a curve into the route schedule when the truck is out of service. The sampling machine at the present wastewater plant is not working correctly. This instrument is part of the contract. Wastewater Superintendent Kreimeyer talked with WRH about the sampler. They have agreed to order the machine early and the city will only have to pay shipping. This is a huge benefit as that piece of equipment is expensive. Chris added that working with WRH on this project has been very positive so far. There is a lot of time consuming work to be done in the parks; it takes almost a whole day just to do the mowing at West View. Chris said that if there is anyone that wishes to volunteer there is always something that could be done to help out in the parks within the City. If anyone feels inclined to help, they can contact Chris at City Hall. Since the 4th of July falls on a regular garbage day (Wednesday) this pickup date will be changed to Thursday July 5th. There has been a notice posted on the local channel and in The Advocate News. BILLS: The financial reports were accepted and placed on file. It was moved by Member budding seconded by Member Marolf that the total disbursements of $2,149,045.51, approved by the Finance Committee be allowed and instruct the City Clerk to pay the same. The roll was called and the vote recorded as follows: Ayes: Budding, Stanley, Lenker and Marolf Nays: None Motion Carried No further business, this meeting was adjourned. _______________________________ Mayor Robert L Barrett Attest: ____________________________ City Clerk Lori A Brown A public meeting was held at 6:00 PM for the proposed Rec Center.