Regular Meeting August 13, 2018 The Council for the City of Wilton, Iowa met in regular session in the Council Chambers at City Hall on Monday August 13, 2018. Mayor Robert Barrett called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM and then led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. Council Members present at this meeting: Steve Owens, Wayne Budding, Keith Stanley, Sheryl Lenker and Ted Marolf. Absent: none. The consent agenda was presented for this meeting. Items included on this agenda were: Pool Allocation ($15,000), Chamber street closing (Sept 14th) and 4th Street pay app ($140,199.72). It was moved by Member Stanley seconded by Member Lenker that this consent agenda be approved. The roll was called and the vote recorded as follows: Ayes: Owens, Budding, Stanley, Lenker and Marolf Nays: None Motion Carried Minutes dated 7-9-18 and 7-23-18 were presented for review. It was moved by Member Marolf seconded by Member Stanley that these minutes be approved as read. The roll was called and the vote recorded as follows: Ayes: Owens, Budding, Stanley, Lenker and Marolf Nays: None Motion Carried The Mayor announced that this was the time (7:02PM) and place set for a public hearing on the Wilton downtown Façade Project. Notice of time and place for this hearing had been published in The Advocate News and the affidavit of publication was on file. This project is being funded in part through a Community Development Block Grant provided by the Iowa Economic Development Authority façade improvements. The architectural work is near completion. 57% of the construction has been completed to date and ongoing. CDBG available: $500,000; CDBG drawn: $309,733 and CDBG remaining: $190,267. Local Match (city and owner): $474,500; Local Match Expended: $308,122 and Local Match remaining: $166,388. Any questions regarding this information should be directed to Wilton City Hall and/or Shawn O’Shea with MSA at 515-64-1920. The Mayor asked for any oral or written objections, none were received. The Mayor then proclaimed such public hearing closed (7:05pm) CITIZEN APPEARANCE: State Representative Bobby Kaufmann spoke to the Council at this time. Bobby stated he likes to check in once a year to the City councils and school districts that he represents. He gave an overview of some of the bills that have passed and or in the works that he felt applied to Wilton (EMS, IPERS, backfill, mental health and prescriptions). Bobby also added some information about the expansion of I - 80. Members asked Bobby to keep in mind the non-facility Wilton rest area closing and paving of Division Street, if his assistance is needed for these items. Mayor and Council thanked Bobby for his visit and information shared. CONSULTANTS: Wilton Development Director Becky Allgood reminded everyone to participate in Founder’s Day this weekend. There are a lot of new events and new venues planned to help promote the affair. There will also be two showings of the play with the Not Ready For Prime Time Alumni players. Some of the façade store fronts are complete and it will be nice for persons to view these also. LEGAL ITEMS: A lease agreement document with Media Com was presented for Council review. Chris stated that the lease is basically the same as the last time it was signed except that the lease fee was increased from $2000 to $3000. He will also be talking with Media Com about the upkeep of the leased area. It was then moved by Member Stanley seconded by Member Marolf that this lease agreement be approved. The roll was called and the vote recorded as follows: Ayes: Owens, Budding, Stanley, Lenker and Marolf Nays: None Motion Carried MAYOR ITEMS: At the end of July; Ragbrai made its way through Wilton and Mayor Barrett said that it was a great showing by all involved. He was volunteering at one of the cross streets and it was a very enjoyable day. The riders were very appreciative and gracious. The City staff, the community tent and all who volunteered helped to make the day a great success. The Beaver signs and mile markers were a big hit with the riders too. It should have been a big day for the local vendors also. It was a big undertaking and lots of involvement by many people. COUNCIL ITEMS: A professional services agreement from HR Green for the SRF sponsored storm water improvements concept design was presented for review. The City has identified several potential projects for improvement. Highest priority projects will be developed in concept order to determine viability in terms of estimated cost, stakeholder approval and functional appropriateness. (Ayres Progress storm water wetland; HyLine waterway improvement and 5th & Cedar) Lump sum of this agreement is $28,500.00. After further discussion it was moved by Member Budding seconded by Member Stanley that this agreement be approved. The roll was called and the vote recorded as follows: Ayes: Owens, Budding, Stanley, Lenker and Marolf Nays: None Motion Carried The next item on the agenda for this Council was the consideration of a motion for the proposed Rec Center facility. Many members of that committee were in attendance at this meeting. Ben Brown started the discussion by thanking the Council for listening and working with this committee. Multiple meetings and volunteers hours have been spent on moving forward with plans for this proposed Rec center. Before any other movement can be done, the committee needs direction and action from this Council, per the proposal from the YMCA. Member Marolf reported that the conversations, study and offers from the Y; include needing confirmation from this Council that there will be funds to make up the shortfall of $150,000-$234,000. Other committee persons added their thoughts and reasons for support of this 3-4 million dollar mission. They noted that they plan to raise more funds than needed for this facility and the extra would be given to the City to make up this shortfall. More discussion was held on the shortfall, rec center description, raising of the funds, how the City would budget for this shortfall and community support. After a lengthily discussion, it was moved by Member Marolf that the City of Wilton approve $150,000 per year shortfall payment for this proposed Rec Center. Member Budding said that he wanted added to that motion that the Rec Center Committee include an endowment in their fund raising to possibly cover this shortfall. City Administrator Chris Ball wanted the Members to know that he was not in favor of the City approving such a big dollar amount commitment. Giving that amount would definitely take away revenue from another source; which may not be feasible for the City. There was a discussion of a smaller amount, but some felt that the Y would be discouraged and not want to proceed. The first motion died without a second. Member Marolf then made the following motion: Approve a commitment of $150,000 (with the source of the funds to be determined at a later date) and with the intention that the Rec Center committee will raise funds for the “endowment” shortfall; such motion seconded by Member Budding. The roll was called and the vote recorded as follows: Ayes: Owens, Budding, and Marolf Nays: Stanley and Lenker They Mayor declared such motion carried. ADMINISTRATIVE ITEMS: Chris said that he stopped at the Wilton Municipal substation site and visited with Electric Superintendent Pete Smith. Most of the concrete has been poured and the building and fence have been put up which makes it closer to getting the station running. They are pleased with the progress and could be in working order by the end of this year. An expense and revenue report was handed to the Members showing the outcome of RAGBRAI. Chris explained that there were three public work employees that donated their time that day and the only expense that did not show on this report was the few hours of overtime put in by the Police Officers. After reviewing the numbers, Chris asked the Members if they wished to disperse the total revenue or just the revenue from the community tent. The total profit would be divided amongst the 8 nonprofit groups that ran the tent and had several volunteers on that Saturday. Mayor and Members were very appreciative of all those that were enlisted to help that day and felt the profits should be passed on for that group endeavor. It was moved by Member Owens seconded by Member Lenker that $992.97 be sent to the eight nonprofit groups. The roll was called and the vote recorded as follows: Ayes: Owens, Budding, Stanley, Lenker and Marolf Nays: None Motion Carried Chris reported that he spoke with a surveying firm to do some work regarding Division Street paving. After a survey is acquired, the City can take steps to annex this portion of road. By next summer there may be enough paperwork done to proceed with the possible paving. The Friends of the Library have agreed to purchase two new computers for the Library. When these are installed an internet upgrade will also be made. A gravel base has been put down on the new 4th Street and the area is now ready for cement. Casey’s General Store does not want a driveway to their store on the new road but a curb cut out may be put in for Mike’s Wilton Motors. That improvement is moving forward well. The walls have been poured and leak testing has been done at the new wastewater plant. Next for the construction is the building itself and the construction team feel they are ahead of schedule which is good due to winter weather in a few months. The water superintendent has been working on a proposal for the ‘fixing” of the grime on the water tower on W Wate Street. Numbers should be ready to present at the next regular Council meeting. Members were pleased that there may be an improvement to the look of the tower. A copy of the current fireworks ordinance for the City of Wilton has been given to the members. Chris asked if there were changes and or deletions that the members would like to be made. He reminded them that each time an ordinance is changed there are costs involved; he recommended that the Members band together and determine a favorable settlement. Conversation was held on possible changes on the dates and times of the current ordinance. Consensus was to change the dates to July 3-4-5 and times for July and December to 5-10PM. This amendment will be on the agenda at the next regular meeting. No further business, this meeting was adjourned. ____________________________ Mayor Robert L Barrett Attest: __________________________ City Clerk Lori A Brown