Refuse & Recycling Information

The City of Wilton's solid waste, recycling and yard waste disposal. These changes went into effective 1-1-07, per information received from the Iowa DNR. Along with these requirements the State of Iowa also banned certain items from the landfill all together, For example, it is mandated that yard waste, e-waste, appliances and tires (to name a few) be separated from all other waste. The State mandates that many of these items be banned from being placed in any landfill.

SOLID WASTE: Garbage collection residents on the north side of 6th Street from Liberty to Spruce is on Tuesday and for residents on the south side of 6th Street from Liberty to Spruce is on Wednesdays. Garbage to be at curb side by 7:00AM on pickup day.

RECYCLABLES: Each household is to receive a recycling container. If the occupancy of the residence changes, such container shall stay at that residence. Clean and sort your recyclables and place your recycling container at the curb along side of your garbage and it will be picked up on your regular garbage collection day.

Plastic bottles & jugs: remove caps, lids or rings, rinse out with water
Newspaper: tie with string or place in bags
Cardboard: flatten cartons or use a large box to hold cardboard     Tin Cans: wash out

CITY OF WILTON DOES NOT RECYCLE: Cardboard milk/juice cartons, styrofoam, plastic bags or plastic with a slick coating (butter dishes, cool whip containers, etc, recycling number of item does not matter to Wilton at this time)

SEPARATION: The City of Wilton requires residents to separate all yard waste from all other garbage and refuse accumulated on their property. The City of Wilton will no longer pick up mixed wastes at the curb. Yard Waste may be composted on the premises.

MEDICAL WASTE: For the safety of all; the City of Wilton does not accept medical waste. Please check with your medical provider for disposal of this waste.

YARD WASTE: City of Wilton residents not choosing to compost may deliver their grass clippings, leaves and other organic materials to the Wilton Public Works fcility (Citizen Convenience Center (CCC)) on E Jackson Street. This type of waste must be dumped out of any bags, baskets or similar containers at the area designated for such disposal. Residents are asked not to put this type of waste in the dumpsters, as we are no longer able to take it to the landfill. There is no charge to the citizen for bringing yard waste to the facility. All we require is that it is disposed of in the proper fashion at the designated area. City also has a leaf pickup program during the fall months.

BRUSH: City of Wilton residents may also deliver small bundles of brush (twigs & branches) to the CCC facility; provided the bundles area less than 4 feet long and 18 inches in diameter. The City may reject any material delivers which does not conform to these or any other City specifications. All other brush, tree trimmings, portions of trees or other large substantial vegetation shall be chipped at the curb side of the property where such waste is generated. The City will charge residents $50 an hour for such service, minimum charge being $25. To arrange for this service, please call City Hall (563) 732-2115.

DUMPSTERS: The dumpsters located at the CCC shall be used only by residents of Wilton who are customers of the City of Wilton Sanitation Service. 

More information about the Citizen Convenience Center (CCC)

WASTE OIL: The City of Wilton will no longer accept waste oil as part of the waste stream. It shall be a violation for any resident to dispose of waste oil at the CCC or at curb side. City of Wilton residents may take their used oil to Valet's Service.

BUILDING WASTE: The City will no longer accept building waste; which is defined as any waste or residue developed from building construction, reconstruction, repair or demolition. This includes but is not limited to roof shingles, building siding, drywall, windows, doors or any other component of building construction. Building waste can be taken to the Muscatine or Cedar County transfer stations.  Sinks, bathtubs, and toilets can be appected for a cost of $5 per item. Add $5 for curbside pickup

TIRES: Car $6, Car on rim $8, Truck $16, Truck on rim $18, Add $5 per item for pickup at curb

APPLIANCES: $15.00 per appliance plus $5.00 per item for curbside pick up (Refrigerators, freezers, stoves, furnaces, dehumidifiers, microwaves, washers, dryers, air conditioners, dishwashers, water heaters & softeners) *Camper fridges are NOT accepted

ELECTRONICS DEVICES: Radios, stereos, computers & copiers $5 per item plus $5 per item for curbside pick up

TV's: CRT TV (Tube TV) $35 Flat Screen TV $15 plus $5 per item for curbside pickup

PAYMENT: Residents may make payment for items to be taken to the Convenience Center at the gate or purchase a sticker for all curbside pickups at City Hall.

VIOLATIONS: It shall be a violation of the Wilton Municipal Code for any individual to trespass on City property for the purpose of illegal dumping or dumping prohibited materials or items. Violators shall be subject to the penalties provided for in the Wilton Municipal Code. If you have any questions concerning these rules or policies, please contact City Hall 732-2115.