Community Development Association

The Wilton Community Development Association (WCDA) was organized in March, 1988. During January and February of 1988 the Chamber of Commerce sponsored a series of four community meetings facilitated by representatives from Iowa State University. From these meetings it was determined there was a need for a commercial/retail steering committee. The purpose of the Association is to pursue new commercial development and assist and encourage existing businesses. The Association was incorporated in 1991.

To accomplish this, we felt Wilton needed to put on a new face. WCDA supported the renovation of the Wilton Depot and made a financial contribution to complete the project in accordance with the Wilton Historical Society's Board of Directors and the design consultant for the project.

The SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives Association) organization had been working with us for some time. The representatives, who we worked with, Keith Kafer and King Herr, have both passed away. They were big supporters of Wilton and will be truly missed. Wilton is one of the first communities in Iowa to make use of SCORE.

More recent projects include financial support to the Christmas tree lighting project at the West entrance to Wilton. We have also assisted the local Trees Forever chapter in their effort to plant trees in the city parks and along the West corridor. WCDA was responsible for the Seasonal Banners which hang along 5th Street and continue to support the project.

The WCDA played a major role in the purchase and installation of $180,000 worth of new playground equipment in the City Park. In an effort to make Wilton's east entrance more attractive, we purchased and erected a new welcome sign along with complimentary landscaping. The Wilton Library/Community Center has become a reality. This was a large project, but a much needed one, which will provide a wonderful service to the City. Current projects we assisted with are erecting a sign on the West entrance of Wilton and assisted with amenities for a walking trail out in Westview Park. The group has been instrumental in getting new Christmas decorations for Wilton.

It is our hope, that by working on some of these quality of life projects, we will make Wilton a more attractive option for businesses and families looking to relocate.