Meeting Minutes 04/13/220

Regular Meeting April 13, 2020 The Council for the City of Wilton, Iowa met in regular session in the Community Room at City Hall on Monday April 13, 2020. Mayor Robert L Barrett called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM and then led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. Council Members present at this meeting: Wayne Budding, Keith Stanley, with Sheryl Lenker, Steve Owens and Ted Marolf connected remotely. Absent: None The agenda was presented for approval. It was moved by Member Stanley seconded by Member Budding that the agenda be approved. The roll was called and the vote recorded as follows: Ayes: Owens, Budding, Stanley, Lenker and Marolf Nays: None Motion Carried Minutes from 3-23-20 meeting and closed session were presented for approval. It was moved by Member Lenker seconded by Member Stanley that the minutes be approved as presented. The roll was called and the vote recorded as follows: Ayes: Owens, Budding, Stanley, Marolf and Lenker Nays: None Motion Carried CITIZEN APPEARANCE: City Administrator Ball received an email from property owner Dan Oien expressing his concern and displeasure with the recent protesting that he feels is negatively affecting his business and property access. The protestors are using the public part of the sidewalk and have a right under the constitution for protection of religious speech. The City advised them that the use of an amplified sound was illegal. The Mayor and the City Administrator will be asking other towns if they have this problem and what solutions they have used. Ball reminded the Council that whatever solution they agree upon will have to be applied to all groups. CONSULTANTS: Member Stanley updated the council on the sale of the model home and the continued interest in the remaining corner lots. The person interested in buying the home is currently working on getting a loan. The WDC also received an interest in 10 acres for an agriculture/industrial business. WDC quoted a price per acre and have not heard any further updates on this situation. MAYOR ITEMS: Mayor discussed the letter of resignation from the Board of Adjustment. Dick Valet has decided to retire from the Board after having served for many years. Member Budding moved to accept, with regret, the resignation of Dick Valet, seconded by Member Stanley. Ayes: Owens, Budding, Stanley, Lenker and Marolf Nays: None Motion Carried. Mayor Barrett requested an update on the current projects the City has been working on. The virus situation has obviously affected the dead line we have set for these projects. Ball is waiting for an update on the apartment building, and no other updates are available at this time for the Motel project or the proposed Recreation Center. The Mayor wanted to remind all the citizens to reply to the Census that is being conducted at this time. It is extremely important to the City of Wilton to get the correct Census numbers for our population. COUNCIL ITEMS: City Administrator Ball presented a letter to the council from City Clerk Lori Brown stating that because of the current situation with the virus, she will not be leaving her position as previously stated. As of now, her predicted last day at City Hall has moved to May29, 2020. Matt Wagaman started as an employee with the City April 22, 2019. At this time his salary is at 85% of the base pay. It was recommended by Ball that his pay should increase to 90% of the base salary per the City policy. Matt has done a great job with the City and is now working with the water and wastewater department, studying for his grades. It was moved by Member Stanley, seconded by Member Marolf to make the motion to approve Matt’s wage increase to 90% ($19.07) of the base pay. Ayes: Owens, Budding, Stanley, Lenker and Marolf Nays: None Motion Carried. In response to the current Covid 19 situation the City has begun to rotate employees. We are operating a split shift schedule and when the employee has been requested to stay home they are still required to be on call. When on call they might be required to help out in other ways outside of their usual work assignments. Ball would like further direction on how to proceed with additional time off regarding pay or compensation. The Council felt that the full time employees should get paid their usual wage at this time and recommended to revisit this situation again at the beginning of the next month. It was so moved by Member Stanley, seconded by Member Budding. Ayes: Owens, Budding, Stanley, Lenker and Marolf Nays: None Motion Carried. Member Marolf updated the council on the Freedom Rock project. He reported that work on the landscaping should begin on this project next week. Pavers are still available for this project. Member Budding commented how great the town has responded to the virus situation and the good things he has seen come out of this difficult time. He has noticed people helping friends and neighbors, and citizens getting outside and practicing the social distancing. Police Chief Dave Clark gave an update on the continued work being done on the new squad car. Clark has completed most of the work and is waiting for the printing for the detailing for the car, which has been delayed at this time, but he hopes to have it finished soon. At this time the City is not accepting recycling during garbage pick up for the safety of our employees. If a resident places recycling at the curb we are currently throwing it out with the regular garbage. The cardboard is being picked up but we have advised our employees not to sort through the recycling to retrieve it. We do not want to discourage resident from recycling. Citizens can continue to put their bin out with recycling. Ball informed the Council the hiring for the parks position is put on a temporary hold while this Virus situation continues. We have employees available at this time to fill this position, and will call the applicants when this situation is resolved. The storm water project in our Industrial Park will has been pushed back until June with plans to complete it in September or October. Land purchases and exchange of property with Triple B Construction, WDC and the City are in the works and will need to be completed before the City can proceed with this project. The City is currently not cutting off services or adding penalties at this time for non-payment. We are advising residents to call City Hall to make payment agreements and we are willing to work with them while this situation continues. Being no further business, this meeting was adjourned. _________________________________ Mayor Robert L Barrett Attest: _________________________ Deputy Clerk Kathryn Koele