Downtown Revitalization


Reed Building/Bank
Reed Building/Bank

One key piece in achieving our goals is a thriving and profitable business district. Wilton’s Historic Downtown Business District is in the heart of the community and is a central economic hub. Investments received from both public grants and private funds brought about the rehabilitation of eleven historic buildings and spurred an interest in business growth and new commercial enterprises. In 2019, we welcome two new businesses in this historic district: Niche Inc., at 108 E. 4th Street and Antique’s Across the Tracks at 324 Cedar Street and we are working with several more. 

2020 Opportunities

Along with business recruitment, we will strive to improve the customer experience in the downtown area. A Mural on the city’s red steel building across from the historic depot is being painted by a local artist and high school students and should be completed in the first part of 2020.  We will also be completing work on the Muscatine County Freedom Rock design project on the lawn at the Historic Wilton Depot. The Freedom Rock is slated to be painted in the Spring of 2020.  In addition, WDC, partnering with Muscatine County Historic Preservation Commission, are in the process of putting historic churches, schools and cemeteries in the county on the National Register of Historic Places.  





Downtown Progress

Candy Kitchen
Wilton Candy Kitchen
Meat Market Storage


Hardware Store
Scott & Johnson
Eye Doctor
City Meat Market