Board of Directors




Dave Mohr President/REC 2019
Keith Stanley Vice President/City of Wilton 2019
Mark Peterson Past President/WTC 2020
Mike Shuger Wilton Realty 2018
Mark Knouse White Pigeon 2018
Joe Burnett     Executive Board/School continuous
Eva Belitz Executive Secretary/Chamber continuous
Lisa Kublik     Central State Bank 2020
Jeff Sorensen Muscatine County BOS continuous
Steve Agne Cedar County BOS continuous
Eric Vela CDS Global 2018
Jerry Denning Allbee & Barclay, PC 2018
Bill Vetter DeWitt Bank & Trust 2019
Dennis Hanser Wilton Precision Steel 2019
Pete Smith Wilton Muni Light & Power 2020
Joshua Wigger Gerdau 2019
Dwight Watkins Community Bank 2019
Chris Ball City Administrator continuous